Google Ad Grant For Nonprofits

Imagine what you could do with $10,000/mo in ad spend on Gooogle. That’s $120,000/yr to bolster your organizations digital marketing strategy! With this resource, you can reach thousands of new individuals each month and help create more awareness for your cause, recruit volunteers, build your email list, promote events, sell products, fund raise more effectively, and so on. 

To qualify you must

  • – Be a 501(C)3
  • – Have an existing website (If you don’t then we can help with that)
  • – Not be a government agency or school
  • – And yes, healthcare organizations can be approved

How it works

  • – First, we help you through the application process. We have a 100% grant approval rate!
  • – Once approved, we then help you manage the grant according to Google’s specific requirements. If not done properly, you will lose the grant.
  • – We then help you launch strategic ad campaigns to accomplish your goals!

If you are ready to get this grant for your organizations, please contact us.

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